The SpaceBass

The Space Bass is a location above Avalonia that Capt. Sirius Oculus created. It has the appearance of a Space Station. In LittleBigPlanet Karting, the Hoard decide to attack it in Avalon's absence.


Main LevelsEdit

2.0 Bee Or Not 2.0 BeeEdit

2.0 Bee Or Not 2.0 Bee
TBA [more...]

RoboBun Test ChamberEdit

RoboBun Test Chamber
TBA [more...]

Huge SpaceshipEdit

Huge Spaceship
TBA [more...]

Lost In BassEdit

Lost in Bass
TBA [more...]

Drum SmashEdit

Drum Smash
TBA [more...]

The Funkhole (and Beyond?)Edit

The Funkhole (and Beyond)
TBA [more...]

Side LevelsEdit

Assault on BatteriesEdit


Ride ScrollerEdit

Side Scolling
TBA [more...]

Full TiltEdit

TBA [more...]

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