The Puppeteer is the main villain in the game. Colonel Flounder tells sackboy he was once a happy and peaceful man, making everyone happy, but for reasons no-one knows, he has gone evil. People who enter his Carnival are never seen again, supposedly turned into Hollows. Little is revealed from then on out about the puppeteer until the end of the game.



It turns out, The Puppeteer never turned evil all along. He threw away his toys (Colonel Flunder, Marianne Noisette, Sean Brawn, The Unbelievable Otis, and Mrs. Sunshine) later regretting it. He tries to find his toys, but fails to find them. He sheds tears, not knowing his last tear brought them to life. He explains to sackboy that in his shame, he makes new toys, turning people into Hollows. But he later realizes what he is doing is horrible, and vows not to use them again. The Hollows don't respond well to this. They lock The Puppeteer up and continue making more hollows under the disguise of The Puppeteer. His toys then break through the roof, happy to see him. But the happiness doesn't last long. Surrounded by Hollows, Sean Brawn says to turn off the lights and a fight can be heard. The lights come back on, only to see Sean pinned Otis to the ground, no Hollows. They all laugh, including The Puppeteer. As he laughs, he is shrouded in purple light. All the Hollows return to who they were and LittleBigPlanet is saved once again by Sackboy. The Puppeteer vows never to turn to that again and never abandon his toys. Him and his toys become a Carnival once again and LittleBigPlanet returns to normal.


The Puppeteer is a wooden character. He has wooden grey hair, a carrot nose, a wooden grey beard, a high red waistcoat and slender fingers.

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