The Land Of Odd

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The Land Of Odd is Marianne Noisette's domain. After being cast off herself, she awoke and dedicated her time to mending all unwanted things discarded into this land. But now the Hollows are taking things before she gets a chance to mend them; this must surely be the work of The Puppeteer! Sackboy must traverse this bizarre world and fine the cause of all this new-found strife!


Main LevelsEdit

What Once Was BrokenEdit

The Land Of Odd has been invaded by The Puppeteer's meddlesome henchmen. They seem to be breaking everything up and stealing the best bits. Their motives remain a mystery, but The Land Of Odd is in desperate need of help! [more...]

A Wander Into WonderEdit

Your new acquaintance, Marianne Noisette, is quite the little fixer, and this place is full of her handiwork. But some uninvited guests are causing trouble in her clockwork garden. Are you well-trained enough to get there and see what's going on? [more...]

Cogwheel CreekEdit

You've arrived at Marianne's clockwork paradise, and those nasty little Hollows have been busy breaking it up and stealing it away! If you don't put a stop to this, there will soon be nothing left of The Land Of Odd. [more...]

The Odd RocketEdit

With Marianne's latest invention by your side, it's time to begin your march towards the source of Marianne's problems - the old mine! This journey will be fraught with danger, but when you've got a touch-guided missile launcher strapped to your head, surely fear is not an option! [more...]

Mine O' ThreatEdit

Having followed the Hollows' trail to the mysterious old mine, you must wing your way through the twists and turns of this sinister labyrinth. Use touch to guide Marianne's flying friends through the tunnels, and find out where all these infernal Hollows are coming from! [more...]

Driller ThrillerEdit

You've finally discovered how these destructive creatures have been getting into Marianne's homeland! So, now it's time to use the Odd Rocket to put it out of commission for ever. It shouldn't be too difficult, it's only a rampaging mine cart with a huge metal drill on its nose! [more...]

A Crate EscapesEdit

There are no Hollows left in sight, and all seems well after stopping that monstrous drill in its tracks! So, a nice relaxing stroll through the forest seems like the perfect way to unwind, while you figure out where to go next. [more...]

Side LevelsEdit

Flower PopEdit

In this 1-player game, use touch to propel your petals up the playing field. If you match 3 or more, they will pop and disappear. But be careful...if any reach the bottom of the field, it's game over! [more...]

Stream RaceEdit

This game will truly put the wind at your feet! Steer your hovercraft with the L stick. Get yourself an extra burst of speed by hitting the boost zones. Now, get hovering! [more...]

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