The Great Magician is the seventh Creator Curator of The Temples in LittleBigPlanet. He is the master of the Emitters. He appears three times in the level Great Magician's Palace. Later, if you release him from the cage in the Collector's keep from the level called The Collector's Lair, he will disappear as if he could have before ,unless there was a invisible force around the cage.

At the end of the Great Magician's Palace, he performs the "magic box trick", which is basically a box that reveals different shapes that are on fire, except for a cyan square. At the end of the level, he uses his magic to teleport you to The Wilderness in order to stop the Collector from taking all the creations from people.


The Great Magician is only seen in two levels, The Collector's Lair, and Great Magician's Palace. He is seen twice in The Collector's Lair, and 3 times in the Great Magicians Palace. In the Collector's Lair, he is seen in a cage, and as one of the character prize bubbles at the end. In the Great Magicians Palace, he is seen in the beginning of the level, then at the end with his magic box and then when he teleports you in the end of the level. The Great Magician is the only Creator Curator from LittleBigPlanet to not include any real enemies in their world.




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