The Factory of a Better Tomorrow appears as the third theme of LittleBigPlanet 2. With Victoria's lab cleared of meanies, it's time to mass manufacture your army of Sackbots. it's time to head to Clive Handforth's Factory of a Better Tomorrow, but predictably, the Factory has been taken over by meanies, and those Sackbots trapped inside aren't going to rescue themselves!


LittleBigPlanet 2Edit

After Sackthing helps Clive, the Sackbot production is a complete success. In return, Clive builds a spaceship for Sackthing and supplies him with an army of Sackbots. He comes with Sackthing to help him defeat the Negativitron.

Main LevelsEdit

The Sad Song of Clive HandforthEdit

TBA [more...]

Maximum SecurityEdit

TBA [more...]

Pipe DreamsEdit

TBA [more...]

Bang for BuckEdit

Bang for Buck

TBA [more...]

Waste DisposalEdit

TBA [more...]

Fowl PlayEdit

TBA [more...]

Side LevelsEdit

Split Paths

Sackbot Bounce


  • The original name for this zone was "Neon Propaganda".
  • The background for this world is a movie studio.
  • This and The Cosmos are the only worlds in LBP2 that are not named by their creator curators.

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