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Type Gameplay Kits
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The Weaponator is a powerup in LittleBigPlanet Karting.

Weaponators are objects that can be placed in a level so a player can pick them up during a race or arena. The weaponator tweaker is a logic device which can be attached to any object or material to give it weapon properties.

Weaponator PickupsEdit

There are two different Weaponators that can be used: Random Weaponator and Specific Weaponator, which do exactly what you expect. The Random Weaponator will randomize the selection of weapons and the Specific Weaponator will equip Sackboy will a specific weapon assigned by the creator.

To activate the weapon during a race, you press the square button.

There are three types of weapons that you can equip:


Green weapons are projectiles that shoot out forward or behind you.

Straight shot

missile fires a green bomb that goes straight.

Lightning Bolt

will fire out a single shot of electricity straight forward.

Lob Bomb

shoots out three bombs out straight.


fires out at a single, small distance and lays on the ground until the mine is shot or ran into.

Triple Mine

drops three bombs and acts like a normal Mine.

Paintinator fires three paint balls straight forward.


Blue weapons will assist you in a race to help you get ahead in a race. These types of weapons may also be refereed to as "offense weapons".

Blue Rocket

will replace your Kart with a rocket that you can ride and steer. The rocket will also hit other racers.

Boxing Glove

acts just like the Blue Rocket that you can steer.

Fast Forward

will jump you forward in the race with a fast forwarding animation like the undo button.

Shock Wave

generates a large orb around your [Kart] that electrifies anyone around you.


Red weapons will track down a specific racer.

Red Rocket

will track down a locked on target.

Leader Seeker

will track down the racer in first place.

Old WeaponsEdit

These weapons were scrapped before launch.

Instant Attack.


Multi Missile


Weaponator TweakerEdit

The weaponator tweaker can be found in the popit. The player can apply the weaponator tweaker to any premade or custom object to give it weapon properties. Placing the weaponator tweaker "weaponises" the object. When placing the weaponator tweaker, an animated arrow appears showing the direction the object will move in its weapon state. The weaponator tweaker can be re-rotated and repositioned at any time.

To use an object as a weapon, it must first be weaponised with the weaponator tweaker AND you must "save" it in your popit.

Your custom weaponised object can be added to a specific weaponator for use as a pickup in a level or it can be added to a Kart weapon loadout tweaker to give players logic-activated weapons without the need for a pickup.

Pre-made WeaponsEdit

You can find premade weapons in the "Goodies" section of the popit. Moving to the far right will display all of the developers' premade weapons (which are used in the random and specific weaponators) as well as extra objects. These can be placed in a level and completely disassembled and adjusted. Exploring the construction of these objects and their weaponator settings gives a wide understanding of the different weapon effects possible.

Weaponator Tweaker OptionsEdit

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