A Sackbot is a wooden, robotic SackPerson-like character that you can customize.




  • Custom: Allows you to dress the sackbot in a costume of your choosing, in the same way as you can customise your character.
  • Copy player: The sackbot will copy the outfit of any of the players playing the level.
  • Copy owner: When the player is using a controllinator to controll a sackbot, the sackbot will dress as the player controlling them.

Animation StyleEdit

Applies an animation preset which affects how the sackbot acts and emotes.

  • Sackboy
  • Robot (Sackbot) (Default setting)
  • Zombie (Zombot)
  • Sleepy
  • Avalon (Heroic)
  • Clive
  • Larry Davinci (Vivacious)
  • Victoria (Ladylike)
  • Herbert Higginbotham (Eccentric)
  • Eve Silva Paragorica
  • Hollow (Only in PS Vita version)
  • Captain Pud
  • Nana Pud
  • Marlon Random (Actorlike)
  • Pinky Bufloom (Queenlike)
  • Papal Mache
  • Regal Wolf
  • Zom Zom

Funny Head SizeEdit

Changes the head size of the sackbot, where if the sackbot is resized large or small, the head stays on a normal scale.


See Emotions

  • Expression Type: (Choices: Happy; Sad; Scared; Angry; Neutral)Sets the expression on the sackbot's face.
  • Expression Level: Ranges from 1-3 Set the intensity of the expression. (not applicable for neutral expression)



Sets how the sackbot behaves.

  • Idle: The sackbot will not move anywhere. It may still look around and perform a few idle animations, however.
  • Follow: The sackbot will follow the nearest player, as long as they are within the Awareness Radius.
  • Flee: The sackbot will run away from players.
  • Patrol: The sackbot will pace up and down like a sentry until it reaches barriers.
  • Act: Allows you to directly record actions for the sackbot to perform using the standard control scheme.
  • Follow Waypoint: The sackbot will follow a tag of a specific colour and label that you can set below, within its Awareness Radius.
  • Hostile: If this is off, the sackbot will stop politely a short distance from you (if set to follow). If this is on, however, the sackbot will barge rudely into your space. Hostility also makes the sackbot use some powerups, like the creatinator and grabinators, against you!
  • Trigger Radius: The sackbot will only follow, flee or look at something if it is within this trigger radius.


This section is only available if you have set the sackbot's behaviour to Act.

  • Record: Starts a countdown, after which you can record some actions for the sackbot to perform by using the full range of a sackperson's moves.
  • Restart: Tell the sackbot to start performing from the beginning of the recording.
  • Playback Mode: Choose how the sackbot plays back its recording.
  • Loop Relative: After finishing one performance, the sackbot starts again where it finished.
  • Loop Absolute: After finishing one performance, the sackbot attempts to return to its starting position before performing again.
  • Play Once: Each time the behaviour is activated, the sackbot animates once, then stops.


  • Walking Speed:Set how fast the sackbot can walk. 100% is the normal player speed.
  • Afraid of Heights: The sackbot won't walk off any high ledges.
  • Afraid of Danger: The sackbot will try to avoid lethalised objects.
  • Can Change Layer: Set if the sackbot can move in and out of layers or not.
  • Can Jump: Set if the sackbot can jump.
  • Right Handed: This special option is only available if the sackbot's behaviour is set to Patrol. It changes the direction of patrol.

Look AtEdit

  • Looks Around: The sackbot looks around at points of interest inside its trigger radius, including other sackbots and players.
  • Looks At Tag: The Sackbot will look at tag, if the tag is in the sackbot's awareness radius.

Behaviour ChipsEdit

Sackbot army
In the sackbot category of the page of the there is another object called a Behaviour Chip. This object allows you to change certain tweaks on the sackbot in the middle of a level; namely, the behaviour.

Every sackbot comes with a default behaviour chip, which is stuck to the centre of the sackbot's circuit board. The settings of this original behaviour chip directly reflect what you set in the sackbot's general tweak menu, as these are the sackbot's default settings. You can place additional behaviour chips on the circuit board, and trigger them by attaching wires to them. The active behaviour chip is the chip that has been most recently activated.

Controlinators and SackbotsEdit

A sackbot can be controlled from a Controlinator by placing a Controlinator set to Receive on the sackbot's circuit board and having it receive signals from a Controlinator set to Transmit outside the sackbot. Usually it's used by placing a tag to the sackbot and follower to a piece of invisible hologram with an invisible controllinator. An important thing to note is that Controlinators placed on sackbots' circuit boards have several extra options.

  • You can feed inputs into Controlinator buttons. So, for instance, if you need a Sackbot to grab something, you would feed a signal into the input.
  • There is an additional option called Override Sackbot. This means that any action the Controlinator tells the Sackbot to do takes priority over the Sackbot's tweaked actions.

Operational NotesEdit

  • A Sackbot's head will spin around when slapped, if their animation style is set to Sackbot, Zombot, or Hollow (Hollow is similar, except they stop their head from spinning). Story Character animation styles (including sleepy) will fall over when slapped.
  • You cannot slap a sackbot that has a Material tweaker set to non-grabbable.
  • Sackbots are electrocuted if they come in contact with water.
  • Sackbots are destroyed by lethalized materials in a similar manner to Sackpeople. Setting a Sackbot to indestructible will not prevent it from being destroyed by lethal materials or global water. Note however that a sackbot set on fire (either by a Danger Tweaker mid-game or by the Lethalize (Fire) tool in create mode) will not be hurt by fire, and the same with electricity and plasma.
  • Robot, and Zombot animation styles make squeaky sounds when the Sackbot is moving or acting.
  • Sackbots can be resized.
  • When a sackbot is set to follow and the player goes to a complex passage way that the sackbot can not reach due to not going that way, it will sometimes try to jump its way up there, not aware that it can't get to the player because its not taking the passage to it.
  • Sackbots don't grab unless its set to act and grabs something, if its controlled, or using logic that will copies the players actions and movements.
  • You can't remove the main action or brain of the sackbot (its in the middle of the sackbot's microchip).


  • Sackbots appear to be made out of wood.
  • The Sackbot Costume can be obtained in 2 ways:
    • Saving The Costume via a Sackbot's "Save Costume" option.
    • Completing the main story line of LBP2.
  • Sackbots are a good way of sharing costumes.
  • The hessian DLC does not matter on a sackbot because its a action and not a actual costume piece, making the selection on the sackbot completely useless.
  • Using random costume on 2 different sackbots at the same time will result both sackbots to have different costumes.

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