Rookie Test is where Larry Da Vinci introduces you the basics of LBP2 gameplay.


After being saved from the clutches of the Negativitron, Larry Da Vinci tests you to see if you are worthy to join the alliance. First, you learn the basics of how to jump and move. From there you come to a door with a portrait of young Da Vinci and young Victoria. You will need to place a sticker there, which in turn, helps you ace the level. The next room you enter involves learning what score bubbles are and what prize bubbles are. If you didn't sticker the portrait, you are asked to cross a bridge. The bridge falls and you are taught how to get out. The next room you enter teaches you how to use stickers. You have to sticker your way out of that room on the cartoonish version of the Vitruvian man. The next room introduces bounce pads. There are prize bubbles on the ceiling, you have to be patient and wait for the extra bounce pads to rise from the back of the room, and the sides, over the doors. As soon as you continue on, some of the prize bubbles are easy to get except for two that are hanging on the bridge. Walk into the small bridge enough and they will fall down. After you jump across, there are prize bubble accessories for the Play Station eye. At the end of those bubbles is your first audio prize bubble. Finally, you are introduced to the ending of each level, a scoreboard.

Prizes ListEdit


  • Arch Sketch
  • Black Starburst
  • Bricks Doodle
  • Chair Back Sketch
  • Chair Studs
  • Curved Iron Support Sketch
  • Face Bracket Sketch
  • Furniture Leg Sketch 1
  • Grinning Lady Portrait
  • Hairy Leg Sketch
  • Hand and Sleeve Sketch
  • Iron Support Sketch
  • Pedestal Sketch
  • Pillar Bracket Sketch
  • Pillar Sketch
  • Triangle Bracket Sketch
  • Unfinished Old Man Sketch
  • Wheel Sketch


  • Decorative Iron Hinge
  • Handkercheif


  • Cheese Wedge
  • Lion Sword


  • Circle Trim
  • Frosted Diamonds
  • Old Wood


  • Quina Dress
  • Quina Hat & Hair
  • Quina Wrist Ties
  • Wooden Knight Boots
  • Wooden Knight Helmet
  • Wooden Knight Ruff & Armlets
  • Wooden Knight Shield & Sword
  • Wooden Knight Skin


  • 'Regal Fanfare' Stinger 1
  • 'Regal Fanfare' Stinger 2

PlayStation EYEEdit

  • Black and White Photo Frame
  • Body (Outline Frame)
  • Circle Frame
  • Mouth Frame
  • Photo Frame
  • Red Star Frame
  • Speech Bubble Frame
  • Square Frame

Aced LevelEdit

  • Costume: Flyboy Wings
  • Decoration: Green Tassel

Level CompleteEdit

  • Costume: Belly Dancer Hair
  • Costume: Flyboy Skin
  • Music: 'Da Vinci Tutorial' IntMusic

100% Items CollectedEdit

  • Sticker: Cog Sketch
  • Sticker: Chair Seat Sketch

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