Popit Puzzle Academy are an excellent way to learn the basics of Create. Complete each term and you'll be well on your way to becoming a pro! These interactive mini levels focuses on key aspects like the use of materials or experimentation with logic. The depth of the logic tools are especially promising as these will be key to making many of the levels narrative-driven ones, where creators will use if/then outcomes to tell in-game stories. Lastly, it will be a relief to longtime fans that you can now edit levels while playing. With the Power-Up tool, you don’t have to switch between Play and Create modes to make design changes, no matter how slight or significant.



Popit Academy Term 1Edit

Popit CursorEdit

Stamping MaterialsEdit

Danger ToolsEdit

Corner EditingEdit




Popit Academy Term 2Edit

Advanced ConnectorsEdit

Tags and SensorsEdit

Physics TweakerEdit

Material TweakerEdit


Velociportors & TeleportersEdit


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