The popit contains many useful tools that can be used anywhere in LittleBigPlanet. To display it, you can press SquareButton in most places to open it.

This is the layout of LBP2's Popit, containing all of its available options. The options you have in your Popit may change, depending on what game you are playing and which mode you are playing in. Remember that the options still do the same things, no matter which options are visible.

Click on an icon to find out more about the option.

Customise Character Goodies Bag Play Next Tutorial

Personal Cursor Popit Stickers & Decorations

Text Chat Tools Bag Hold To Retry

Organise MenuEdit

When you press SquareButton over an item in the popit (or a category in LBP2) you can choose which method you want to sort the items. You can sort them by 'Newest', 'Category', 'Theme', and 'Colour' (LBP2 only). In LBP1, these can be found on the second page and are listed under the 'Organise Content' page.

LBP2 only:Edit

  • The 'Colour' option in the Organse menu sorts all objects colour-wise, from Blue > Green > Yellow > Orange > Brown > Red > Purple > White > and Black.
  • Clicking L stick in when in most popit options will cause the popit to switch to full screen, covering the screen to allow easier navigation. This can also be done from the Organise menu.

Custom CategoriesEdit

One of the new features that was added in LittleBigPlanet 2 was the ability to add objects to custom categories. If you press SquareButton on an item - stickers, objects, costumes, etc. - you can put these items into categories that you can name. This can be done with either Community Objects, your created objects, or anything created by Media Molecule

LittleBigPlanet PS VitaEdit

Template:Postrelease In LittleBigPlanet Vita the popit has been update to support touch controls. * Draging your finger selects the area you draw around, allowing you to select exact parts of a level using only touch. * Tapping on an object selects the item and allows you to tweak copy or flip the object with only touch controls.

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