Newton's Bulb Explored
Theme: Bunkum Lagoon
No. of Prizes: 0


Thanks to Oddsock, Toggle, and Swoop; Sackboy is freed from Newton's prison. Newton angered by there constant interference in his plan then unleashes Titan Toppler who was really the one pulling Newton's strings the entire time. He then faints after releasing the titan. Meanwhile inside Newton's head; Toppler influence still haunts him calling him a big embarrassment and a laughing stock for all his failed invention and failures of being a creator. Newton then finally had enough of the insults calling him a big bully and refuses to listen any further. Assuming he beat the titan he celebrates but then wakes up and realizes the reality of what happened. As then, he wakes up in shock on what he has done under the titans influence. Then Toppler then pulls parts of the base and makes is own form while Newton tries to run only to end up falling on his face. When getting up the titan rises and immerged in it new form with them scared out of their minds. Newton then approaches the titan to pick on someone his own size. It stares at him for a few seconds; Newton's showing confidents is then eaten by the titan and Newton is scared again is digested. Sackboy and Oddsock go after Newton inside the titan while Swoop and Toggle confront the titan outside.



  • The cutscene show the purple titan being the one in control the entire time and is more likely the main leader of the titans.
  • This is especially seen as this was the only Titan left inside Newton.
  • Papal Mache says that they play Newton as a puppet meaning Toppler is the one playing Newton as the puppet.
  • In the detail of the Evil Newton Costume face being Purple show another fact Toppler is the one in charge of Newton.
  • Titan Toppler takes Newton's Possess form when Newton has his internal conflict inside his mind.
  • This is the Evil Newton Costume representing Titan Toppler inside Newton.
  • Newton up to this point doesn't recall anything from his actions under the titans being the reason why he is shocked of what he is seeing and happening around him.

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