The Negativitron, voiced by Jeremy Mayne, is the main antagonist and end boss of LittleBigPlanet 2.


The Negativitron appearance in the Cosmos sparked the interest of The Alliance, and it's destruction became their sole goal after the 7000Watt menace started sucking up creations all over Craftworld. In the cutscene before the final boss battle the Negativitron claims he was formed from characters' faults (e.g. Avalon Centrifuge's pride or Clive Handforth's insecurity.)


The Negativitron appears as a giant inter-dimensional vacuum cleaner and as such is usually seen sucking everything and and anything into its swirling portal mouth. When it isn't seen sucking something it is usually spewing meanies from it's mouth, much to many of the Curators annoyance.


Though the Negativitron can be seen in many forms during the course of the story mode, his default form is comprised of:

  • 2 Vacuum Head Front Objects
  • 10 Meanie Horn Decoration (2 Horns, 8 Teeth)
  • 4 Orange Evil Eye Decals
  • Neon Bevel and Hologram Material
  • In some cutscenes the crafted Negativitron is replaced by the 'Negativitron Head' and 'Negativitron Pipe' decoration pieces.


The Negativitron features in the following story levels:

Da Vinci's Hideout

Victoria's Laboratory

The Factory of a Better Tomorrow


Eve's Asylum

The Cosmos


Negativitron: "You, Feed Me!!"

Negativitron: "Rahahaha!!"

Negativitron: "Avalon..."

Negativitron: "You can never truly defeat me! I am in all of you, I am..... I am all of you. Vanity, insecurity, short tempers and self-absorption.... you created me. If you destroy me, you destroy yourselves. Hahaha!"


  • Though the Negativitron changed somewhat since it's artwork was released, strangely the 'Negativitron Head' decoration looks exactly like the artwork except it has orange eyes instead of yellow.
  • Although the Negativitron was originally comprised of just one vacuum segment, during the course of the beta the character developed into having two mouth portions and bigger eyes and horns resulting in something with much more character and expression.
  • The Negativitron's original (maybe 2nd) appearence (seen in the photo below) had 4 meanie eyes, the vacuum tube was a dark purple, the head of the vacuum was white, and there is no swirl is his mouth. In the final game the Negativitron's vacuum tube is purple (black in the decoration) and the eyes are now the evil magic eyes and the head of the vacuum is black and there is a swirl in the Negativitron's mouth.
  • There is no swirl in the Negativitron decoration.
  • The vacuum cleaner that was vacuuming playtools in the creative opening was the pure form of the Negativitron.
  • The Negativitron appears along with Sackboy in Playstation All Stars Battle Royale, he is seen in the Paris level sucking up everything like in LBP 2.
  • In addition to this, the Negativitron also possesses the same attack pattern as he does during the first phase of the boss fight from LittleBigPlanet 2 when he interacts with the fighting players.
  • Ever since the introduction of the Negativatron, it has been a Unique Villain in LittleBigPlanet that it was mentioned alot after Sackboy's victory against it.
  • The Queen in LittleBigPlanet Karting recognizes Sackboy as the one who had defeated the Negativatron. Also she tells Frida about Sackboy's victory on the Battle with the Negativatron
  • His Sound object is used for the Final Boss in The Muppet Premium Kit.
  • The Cakeling was one of Victoria's cakes before it was infected by the Negativatron; becoming one of his Meanie army.
  • In LittleBigPlanet 3; Newton mentions of the Titans attack on Bunkum during the events of The Negativatron's attack on Craftworld. He says in a quote "Long ago, Before the Negativatron nearly layed waste to craftworld..."
  • ​If you think about it; The Titans and The Negativatron are both alike on the fact that they "absorb" the creativity in the Imagisphere; it connection is illustrated abit when Newton is shown "abosrbing" the creativity in the Prologue, Manglewood, and Ziggurat cutscenes.
  • The Mobile Game "Run Sackboy! Run!" has the Negativatron stated to return and being a running game Sackboy has to avoid being eaten by the Negativatron through a series of obstacles. Being like other running games you have get as far as possible before you hit one of the "Hazards" and it commences a Game Over.

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