Nana Pud is the first Creator Curator of Prologue in LittleBigPlanet 3, The owner of Stitchem Manor who starts your sackperson on their quest.


At first, she is displayed as an evil character who seeks to release the three titans. However, after Newton betrays Sackboy it is revealed that she attacked Sackboy because she thought he was trespassing, After Newton departs, he insists that Sackboy gather up the three heroes of Bunkum.


A small person who appears to be hunched over. She has purple hair and huge bags under her eyes. She loves cats, and loves her son, Newton. She loves him to the point that even when he betrays them all, she insists that he would never hurt anyone as he doesn't know any better. She seems to be a bit hard on Sackboy, as she blames him for Newton's corruption.


  • She is Newton's evil mother.
  • It appears that she not loves newton.
  • It is possibly that Newton's unknown father figure is who chose Nana to be the guardian of the Titans.

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