Mrs. Sunshine is the Creator Curator of Spooky Mansion in LittleBigPlanet Vita, "A terminally unimpressed clown" who appears to have invented her own imaginary friends that annoy her, which could imply that she has gone insane.


Mrs. Sunshine is the depressed clown who Sackboy meets in his journey to take down The Puppeteer once and for all. Mrs. Sunshine has the appearance of a clown, as you'd expect. Her eyes and lips are negatively trodden with an off-pink hue while her pasty pale face remains worn from years of unsettled desires and unimpressed worldly perceptions.

She also dons a quaint yellow hat, from which spouts her papery, folded hair. Beneath her mildly regretful face, she bears a shiny purple ruff, with a patterned outfit and boots. Her fingers are the result of ingenuity and Q-Tips, giving her a rather slender appearance overall. Not the fanciest apparel we've experienced, but still a very unique one.

We meet her at the final mark in our adventure, right at Spooky Mansion - after all the accumulated troubles that set Sackboy in his final fury form, but not before battling the eventual Puppeteer. Of course, the meeting of Mrs. Sunshine and Sackboy was rather uncool. Crashing into her tea party and what-not.


She is a clown with a large blue clown's nose a yellow hat with blue buttons greenish-blue tinsel for hair a purple neck-ruff clown makeup a blue striped suit hands with cotton buds for fingers and blue clown shoes.


  • Her name starting with Mrs. could imply she is married.
  • She is named "sunshine" as a joke on her depression.
  • She has a Yorkshire accent

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