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Media Molecule is the team that created LittleBigPlanet. It was founded January 4th 2006 by former Lionhead Studios employees Mark Healey, Alex Evans, Dave Smith, and Kareem Ettouney.


Media Molecule /ˈmidiə mɒləˌkyul/ [mee-dee-uh mol-uh-kyool] ¬¬ - Noun

  1. A small talented team of people based in Guildford, who were brought together by fate, destiny, and recruitment agencies, and who love nothing more than making innovative and creative video game doodads for you to play with. Also ice cream.
  2. A video games development studio responsible for the creation of LittleBigPlanet on the Playstation 3



Mark HealeyEdit

Alex EvansEdit

Alex Evans

Alex Evans is the Technical Director at Media Molecule.

Dave SmithEdit

Kareem EttouneyEdit

Tom Kiss and James SpaffordEdit

Tom Molecule
Spaff Molecule

Tom_Molecule and Spaff_Molecule, as they are known to the LBP universe, are the Community Managers at Media Molecule. They originally ran LittleBigPlanetoid before being officially hired by Media Molecule in April 2009.


A full chapter-by-chapter retelling of Media Molecule's history can be found at Media


  • Media Molecule might have been known as a different name entirely. How about 'Brainfluff', or 'Rethink Games'?
  • The Molecules have a profound love of Fridays. Who could forget Fake Hair Friday, or even Hat Friday?

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