Marianne Noisette is the softspoken Creator Curator of The Land Of Odd in LittleBigPlanet Vita. She devotes herself to breathing life into discarded toys.


When Colonel Flounder plummets himself and Sackboy down a menacing tunnel and into the weird world of The Land Of Odd, he decides that Sackboy and himself must part ways. Sackboy hops off and is shortly introduced to Marianne as well as her hardships, piecing together all broken things she finds in this ravaged land. She asks for Sackboy's help in clearing her world of Hollows, who have been stealing her fixed creations.

Upon safely getting to Marianne's workshop, Marianne allows Sackboy the use of her latest invention, The Odd Rocket, to take down further enemies and goo that may cross his path. Upon reaching the mouth of a huge cave, however, Sackboy and Marianne find that the Hollows have been constructing a huge mine, in which to forage for scrap and other materials, using a huge, mechanical drill. Sackboy traverses these dangerous caverns but when Marianne is almost drilled down, its time for Sackboy to whip out the trusty Odd Rocket again to take down the Hollow-driven device. Upon destroying it, Sackboy and Marianne run for their lives as the mine begins to collapse.

Marianne thanks Sackboy for his bravery but is suddenly caged by a Hollow-driven flying machine. As Sackboy is beamed aboard Sean Brawn's ship, it is revealed that Marianne, and all the scrap and junk collected, are being taken to an abandoned factory in Jackpot City, where it will be processed and boxed up to be transported to Spooky Mansion.

Sackboy trails after Marianne's crate, which he sees frequently, making its way through Jackpot City. It isn't until when in Spooky Mansion that Sackboy again sees Marianne. When in the Hollow-ridden laboratory, Marianne breaks free from her crate just in time to help Sackboy on his way to defeat The Puppeteer.

After she gives Sackboy the go-ahead, she exits the room she has been held in. After this point, Marianne must somehow meet up with Colonel Flounder, Sean Brawn, The Unbelievable Otis and Mrs. Sunshine, somewhere in Spooky Mansion. When Sackboy frees The Puppeteer from his cage, she falls through the ceiling with her new companions and is reunited with her old puppet master. Joy is returned to Craftworld and the Hollows are liberated. Marianne, now back with her old friends and 'father', returns to delighting the visitors of Carnivalia and bringing joy to people everywhere in The Cosmos.


Marianne is almost entirely constructed from cloth. Her hair is made up of small strips of blue patterned cloth. Her head is made up of a white cloth bag, with various pink and purple shapes stitched on. Her Face consists of a cartoon-ish mouth with large, mismatching eyes, and a triangle shape replacing the nose. Her body is made up of a cloth spiral with multiple buttons sewn on. Her arms and legs are bent springs, her hands are two bells, and her feet are pink and possibly plastic. She speaks in a high-pitched voice with a french accent.

Marianne is a very kind, loyal and faithful Curator. Upon being discarded into the broken world of The Land Of Odd, she awakens knowing that she had been sent to this place for a reason; to restore and fix the world to its former glory. She is quite soft-spoken, timid and often scared but isn't afraid of a little excitement every now and then!

Her relationship with her world seems to be quite deep, she has been fixing and creating all the mechanisms in it and appears to have made friends with its natural habitants. This seems to suggest that The Puppeteer threw her away a long time ago. She also seems very worried about its safety and sees the arrival of Sackboy as a great opportunity to form an ally in defeating the Hollows who are threatening her home.

She doesn't seem to remember anything of her past life, almost recounting her tale as if she had succumbed to amnesia. Marianne appears to be unaware of The Puppeteer but does seem to believe the Hollows are working for a higher power. She is naturally delighted upon being reunited with her 'father','brothers' and 'sister', and must have a moment of realisation of her previous existence as an entertainer and joy-spreader to The Cosmos.


Original themes associated with Marianne Noisette:


Marianne Noisette features in the following levels:

The Land Of Odd

Jackpot City

Spooky Mansion


Marianne's transforming, quilty costume can be obtained by acing the last level of her theme, Driller Thriller.


What Once Was Broken

Long ago this place was a big pile of unwanted things, myself included. One day I was magically put back together. By who, I don't know, but I knew it had happened for a reason.

A Crate Escapes

Oh, that was a little bit of excitement wasn't it! Well, The Land Of Odd is free of nastiness at last. But I wonder why those things were causing such a mess in the first place. Who knows what they will do next... The Power of Laughter Everybody! It is those nasty little creatures! What shall we do?!


  • She is the second most frequently seen curator in the story.
  • She is also the only curator to intentionally and directly help the player in a level.
  • In the same vein as Da Vinci or Victoria von Bathysphere from LittleBigPlanet 2, she also appears to be some kind of inventor. She has spent a long time piecing creations back together and made a few inventions of her own; including The Odd Rocket.
  • She seems very much with nature, and refers to the animals in The Land Of Odd as her friends.
  • Much like Da Vinci from LittleBigPlanet 2, Marianne's name is also derived from real-life historical figures, but she appears to be a combination of two different figures. Marie Antoinette was once the Archduchess of Austria and later became the Queen of France, ruling during the French Revolution. And the French botanist Louis Claude Noisette, who lived in the late 18th/early 19th century.
  • She introduces the creatinator into the Vita storyline, presenting it as The Odd Rocket in the level of the same name.
  • Noisette means hazelnut in French.
  • A noisette is also a cut of lamb.
  • Louis Claude Noisette is a French botanist and as her level theme is planty she could be a reference to him.
  • She has a french accent

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