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Below are the things that need taken care of.

Want to help? Great! Familiarize yourself with the information on our help page, then pick out one of these items and get working! Be sure to list yourself on the sub-page, and coordinate with other contributors on the appropriate discussion page, so you don't duplicate effort. Something else we need? If you think of something that is needed please create a sub-page and add it to the list ASAP!

Priority To-Do ListEdit

The following To-Do projects are high priority and need prompt attention from any contributor willing to help. LBPWiki:To-Do/Mm images: IMPORTANT!!! Mm has asked us to step on this one folks!! Need to go through all the image files and add copyright notice. Review the sub page for details first, please. LBPWiki:To-Do/Gadget Articles Formating - Formating Gadget articles to new format.

To-Do ListEdit


Stub articles need adding to and filling out.

  • Untidy pages need cleaning up.
  • Some pages could use some ingame screenshots to help illustrate information.
  • Some articles are wanted and need to be written. A lot of these pages aren't necessary however, such as those used by standard Wikipedia message box templates.
  • Help conform articles to formatting guidelines.

Specific projectsEdit

  • LBPWiki:To-Do/Article formats: Copyable page templates that can be used to shortcut the creation of common articles.
  • LBPWiki:To-Do/Icons: We need icons! Please help us out!
  • LBPWiki:To-Do/Pins & Trophies: Need lists of, and articles for, the pins and tropies.
  • LBPWiki:To-Do/Templates: Infoboxes, shortcuts, or anything else we can think of!
  • LBPWiki:To-Do/Collectibles: a complete list of all the collectibles available in the various story levels.
  • LBPWiki:To-Do/Story Levels: a complete list and description of LBP2, LBP1, PSP & SPM story levels

^LBPWiki:To-Do/GUI: Making this wiki more LBP-ish in look and feel.

  • Links to prize categories in LBP2 Story Levels need to be added, in the same manner and to the same pages as those insome of the LBP1 Story Levels.

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