This is the 1st cutscean of Bunkum Lagoon where Sackboy and Pinky go to awake Swoop

Plot Edit

After retrieving the two marbles; Sackboy, Oddsock, Toggle, and Pinky travel trough Bunkum Lagoon sky's to find Swoop. Pinky is still trying to control her temper after threatening to push Sackboy overboard. Just then Newton appears on his Air Balloon and Targets Sackboy with a bomb and causes him to fall overboard! Pinky stands in shock as her only hope fall from the skies. Just then Swoops appears and save Sackboy from plummeting from the sky's and get him to grounds with Pinky, Oddsock, and Toggle. Newton is outraged by Swoop rescue and targets them. Pinky tell Sackboy, Oddsock, and Toggle to return to Bunkum Lagoon while she and Swoop distract Newton away from them.

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