Hollow Render

A Hollow is a mischievous minion of The Puppeteer in LittleBigPlanet PS Vita. Waves of these cruel creatures, which resemble small wooden mannequins, have swept across Carnivalia on a mission to abduct its residents and demolish its many amusements.


The Puppeteer, who had lost his original marionettes, pursued radical experiments in the interest of replacing them. Embittered by his own obscurity and the disapproval of an uncaring audience, he sought to drain the happiness of others as a source of power for his new creations: The Hollows. They failed to meet the expectations set by his earlier companions, however, and by the time The Puppeteer realised the error of his ways they were too numerous to control.

The Hollows locked their creator in a cage and constructed a giant robotic version of him with which to continue spreading themselves in his name. This device was successful in not only terrorising Carnivalians but also convincing them that The Puppeteer himself had turned against his world! The Hollows also demonstrated their devious nature by tunnelling into The Land Of Odd with a giant drill and building flying machines capable of plucking unaware sackfolk from the ground. An abandoned factory in Jackpot City was then used to process the Hollows' acquisitions and ship them to their laboratory.

As the Hollows syphoned joy from their surroundings the damage spread from Carnivalia to the rest of LittleBigPlanet, threatening not only Carnivalians but all happy gadders in the omniverse! Fortunately, a timely visit to the planet by Sackboy results in a counter-offensive against them. With the assistance of Colonel Flounder, Marianne Noisette, Sean Brawn, The Unbelievable Otis, and Mrs. Sunshine, the noble sack-hero is able to dismantle the Hollows' machines, topple their false Puppeteer, and liberate their true creator. The Puppeteer's laughter ultimately reverts converted sackpeople to their former selves, heals the land, and brings a decisive end to the Hollow menace.


The unique appearance of a Hollow can be added to one's costume collection by acing In The Clutches Of Evil, the final story level of Spooky Mansion and of LittleBigPlanet PS Vita as a whole. Equipping this suit completely replaces a sackperson's chubby knitted extremities with narrow wooden limbs. It comes as a blank slate, however, allowing stickers and decorations to be applied to enhance or minimise creepiness as one desires!

Related ItemsEdit

Sackbots have a Hollow animation style which is unique to LittleBigPlanet PS Vita. Selecting this tweak causes a bot's arms to flap about behind it as it runs! Three decorations are also available for building more scenic mechanical Hollows: the Hollow Head, Hollow Arm, and Hollow Leg. Additionally, a full range of Hollow noises are included in the Creatures sound object and their theme music is established in A Hollow Victory by Richard Jacques.

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