Plot Edit

Sackboy, Oddsock. Toggle, and Swoop rescues Newton and escape the inside of Titan Toppler and detonated the bomb inside it. It cause the physical form of Toppler to explode and the Titan afterwards is then sucked into the tea can. Newton's Fortress is then collapsing on itself and escape before it explodes. The fortress is destroyed and The Creative Heart is freed. Their left in the air about to plummet to their doom until they found themselves on a traveling ship who actually aboard also Captain Pud. Both he and Newton had a surprising reunion and also Newton finds himself in a world of trouble when he disobeyed his order of never opening the lid. Captain Pub takes Sackboy and The other back to Stichum Manor meanwhile the creative heart restores Bunkums creativity to Mangelwood, Ziggurat, and Bunkum Lagoon.

Back at Stichum Manor; the tin can is then chained up completely to prevent the titans from ever escaping again. Captain Pud thanks Sackboy, Oddsock, Toggle, and Swoop on behafe Bunkum and especially Newton. Newton works a Dimensional Doorway to send Sackboy back to Craftworld. Newton is quickly shot down by Sackboy and the others as soon as he ask if he could come with them. The device is then set to Craftworld and returns home along with Oddsock, Toggle, and Swoop.

Trivial Edit

  • Newton in the end tries to tell the story in his favor but of course no one believes him
    • Their is actually a full dialogue of Newton conversation but it is cut-off before he finishes by the narrator but you can hear the rest through the 1.03 patch glitch when you go to cutscean in create mode.

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