The Dephysicalise Tool is a function introduced in LittleBigPlanet Vita that toggles the physical properties of an object. It causes even the mightiest metal to behave as intangibly as Hologram or Sticker Panel, allowing any materials, sackbots, or other stage elements to pass through it. Using the tool on a previously dephysicalised item restores its standard solidness.

This tool may be activated from either the Tools Bag or the Popit's personal section. It can affect multiple objects at the same time by either drawing a circle around them with the touch screen, holding X button and using L stick to draw a box around them, or holding R1 button and selecting each before releasing the button. If multi-select highlights a mixture of dephysicalised and regular objects, the normal items will be dephysicalised and the rest will retain their state. In other words, to simultaneously revert multiple objects to their original physics all targeted items must have been previously dephysicalised.


While obviously useful for creating perfectly undetectable floors and walls through which Sackboy may fall to his doom, one of the more artistic applications of this tool is combining objects to make complex shapes. By dephysicalising a range of interesting doodads, they can be freely rearranged and permanently attached to each other with the Advanced Glue Tool. They will remain together afterwards even if their physical properties are restored.

On the other hand, if overlapping dephysicalised objects are not glued to each other before they return to normal, they will violently fly away from each other once they are allowed to move. Though it might be entertaining to mash a dozen things together and revert them all at once in an explosion of pieces, it could also be a great frustration to have a carefully constructed creation come apart at the seams!


Dephysicalised objects no longer require physics calculations because nothing can physically interact with them. As a result, they naturally consume less of the game's resources and thereby enable increasingly complex scenes. Any part of a level which will never be stood on by a sackperson, impacted by a projectile, or otherwise demonstrate its solidness can be safely dephysicalised to improve the performance of the stage as a whole.

A general rule of thumb is to dephysicalise every bit of a stage except its platforms, walls, and hazards. Background scenery and similar decorative elements can be perfectly intangible and no one will ever notice!


  • Prior to the Dephysicalise Tool, creators in LittleBigPlanet and LittleBigPlanet 2 employed the Merge Glitch to achieve similar artistic results.
  • While dephysicalised objects are comparable to Hologram or Sticker Panel in that they are permeable, their overall behaviour is slightly different. An Impact Sensor on a hologram will trigger when something passes through its space. The same sensor on dephysicalised material won't trigger unless it is tweaked to detect movement in adjacent layers.
  • Sackbots cannot be dephysicalised. Wouldn't want them to helplessly fall through the world!

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