Decorations are 3D objects that attach to any physical object to decorate it. Decorations feature in LBP1 and LBP2, but due to thermometer restrictions were left out of LBP psp. In opposed to normal 3D objects, decorations do not have physical properties meaning that they do not collide with each other, fall down or move independently and for that reason, Sackboy cannot collide with Decorations either (with the exception of those that are physically stuck on him by a player).

Placing DecorationsEdit

Open up your Stickers & Decorations page and select a decoration from the list of decorations you have collected. Position the decoration with the Left Stick, and use the Right Stick to rotate and scale the decoration. Once you are done positioning your decoration, place it with X button.
To delete an already placed decoration, open your Stickers and Decorations page and find the Sticker & Decoration Edit Tool, position it over the decoration you want to delete and press Triangle.
To move or scale/rotate an already placed decoration, using the Sticker & Decoration Edit Tool, position it over the decoration you want to delete and press X button, now position it like you would a new decoration, and place it again with X button!
Note that decorations, like stickers, cannot be placed independently and must be attached to an object.

Decoration LimitationsEdit

Decorations take up thermo space, too! Even more than stickers! So be extra careful with them!
The decorations limitation per object is about 50.
Note that placing different varieties of decorations will consume more thermometer space than placing multiple decorations of the same type!
Decorations, being 3D objects, often take up as much thermometer space as collected objects from your tools bag. It is highly recommended to limit yourself to a limited set of decorations for use in your levels.

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