Customise CharacterEdit

Customise Character
Customising Sackboy is the main way to make your character unique and recognisable. As well as using the available costume pieces you can unlock from Story Mode, a whole plethora of new and unique costume pieces can be purchased from the LittleBigStore.

To begin to customise your Sackboy, open your popit using the SquareButton button button and select the Customise Character option. You can also customise your Sackboys appearance by placing stickers and decorations on him, however, these are affected by certain options available in the later pages of the Customise Character section of the Popit, as noted below.



Functions appear at the very top of every page in the Customise Character sections of the Popit.

Reset Costume

Icon reset costume This option will completely remove all set costume pieces and reset the material that you have assigned for your Sackboy to wear. Your costume will be reset to the standard Sackboy, which is the "Brown Knit" material with no costume pieces aside from eyes.

Random Costume

Icon random costume This option will randomly assign a set of costume pieces to your Sackboy, chosen from all current costume pieces that you have acquired through story mode or purchased from the PlayStation Store.

Save Costume

Icon save costume Does exactly what it says on the tin. This option will allow you to save the current costume so that you can then load it at a later time, if you so wish. Players may save up to 100 costumes.

Wash Costume

Icon remove stickers Washing a costume will remove all stickers from your costume. This includes ones placed there by yourself in making a custom costume, or changing the appearance of a costume piece by putting a sticker on it. This function will also clean Sackboy of any stickers that he may have received from standing too close to an explosion or from being hit by a paintball.

Page 1, CostumesEdit

This is where complete costumes are kept in your Popit.

My Costumes

Costumes that you save using the Save Costume function are stored here.


Outfits are a culmination of costume pieces to make a character set. These are collected either from the Story Mode levels or from downloadable Costume Packs.

LittleBigPlanet 3 Costume Outfits List

LittleBigPlanet 2 Costume Outfits List

LittleBigPlanet Costume Outfits List


These super-special costumes mean you can easily dress your Sackboy up as the LittlBigPlanet 2 Story Mode Characters!

Page 2, MaterialsEdit

Change the Materials your sackboy is made from (his skin).

Page 3, HeadEdit

Change your sackboy's headgear. You can only choose one costume piece per section, and some costume pieces will cause others to disappear.

Eyes Aah, the windows to one's soul. Here is where you can change your Sackboy's pair of peepers.

Glasses Be filled with wonderment at this array of spectacles! Spectacles, get it? Oh, never mind, here's some stuff to make you see better...or worse.

Hair Where did you get your 'do' done? Why, from the suitably hairy Hair section in my Popit, of course!

Head The realm of thinking...and scalps; luckily there's a good few things in this section to protect your little noggin from any roughhousing you may encounter.

Mouth Open wide! Give your Sackboy a new set of chompers in the blink of a button eye.

Moustache Can anything compare to the feeling of the wind rushing through your facial hair? Why not share the experience with your Sackboy?

Page 3, Body

Change your sackboy's general clothing.

Feet All that running must wear out those burlap plates of meat! Try applying some well needed cushioning to your 'dogs'.

Hands Knitted hands are the devils' playthings, so why not give Sackboy something amusing to hold to bat him back off with?

Legs Goodness gracious gravy, there a Sackchildren looking! Cover yourself up!

Neck Torso Waist Oh dear, have you gained weight Sackthing? Oh no, its just that ridiculous waist costume piece you're wearing! ehhemm....

Page 4, Player ColourEdit

This option allows you to choose your Player Colour from a list of presets. Your Player Colour changes the look of your Popit, and will be displayed in the scoring display in the top left of the screen, and as a background to any text bubbles you generate from chatting. Some costume pieces also change colour to match your Player Colour.

In LBP2 this will also affect the colour of lights when set to "Use Player Colour". In LBP PSP this is not an option so your popit is always blue. In LittleBigPlanet 2 there is a choice of 12 colour mismatches for you to distinguish your beloved Sackperson.

  • Cool Island
  • Ice Cream Sprinkles
  • Candy Jar
  • Forest Surprise
  • Sliced Bread
  • Moonlight
  • Meditation
  • Rack Attack
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Volcanic Glacier
  • Dylan's Jalopy
  • Funkian

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