The Create Moon is where the game stores all of your levels in both LittleBigPlanet and LittleBigPlanet 2. From here, you can access a large number of level "slots", which show up on the moon as individual craters. Some craters are contained within larger ones, creating a unique way to group similar levels together. "My Moon" is the PSP version of Create Moon which has almost all the same features.

Creating a New LevelEdit

Creating a new level is as simple as selecting an available slot using the left stick or direction pad. Selecting a group of slots (they appear as large craters) will open up a focused view allowing you to select from the available slots within that group. Clicking the Template:Icon will bring up two options, "Create" or "Import".


When you choose to create a new level, LittleBigPlanet will prompt you to select a blank level or choose from several "templates." Each template includes the basic layout from one of the story mode levels included on the disc. The templates themselves are devoid of point bubbles, enemies and most (but not all) interactive elements, but contain a lot of the original stickers and materials found in the levels themselves. (Fun fact: Some of the templates may appear slightly different than the final versions that exist in the game.)

LBP1 options include the following:

  • Blank Level- Standard empty level.
  • Garden Template - Based off the Gardens level "Skate to Victory".
  • Savannah Template - Based off the Savannah level "Meerkat Kingdom".
  • Wedding Template - Based off the Wedding level "The Darkness".
  • Canyon Template - Based off the Canyon level "Boom Town".
  • Metropolis Template - Based off the Metropolis level "The Construction Site".
  • Islands Template - Based off the Islands level "Sensei's Lost Castle".
  • Temples Template - Based off the Temples level "Elephant Temple".
  • Wilderness Template - Based off the Wilderness level "The Frozen Tundra".

LBP PSP options include the following:

  • Blank Level - Standard empty level.
  • Down Under Template - Based off the Down Under level "Gift of the Grab".
  • The Orient Template - Based off the Orient level "Morta Do".
  • The Bazaar Template - Based off the Bazaar level "Cheeky Monkey".
  • Golden Sands Template - Based off the Golden Sands level "Get the Hump".
  • Alpine Run Template - Based off the Alpine Run level "Dogged Determination".
  • Tinsel Town Template - Based off the Tinsel Town level "The Sewn Identity".
  • The Carnival Template - Based off the Carnival level "Crashing the Party".

Unlike the LBP1 and PSP, LBP2 does not contain any templates. There is no option to choose a template.
All of the above templates can not be found in LBP2, only LBP1. These can be backed up as a level to the PS3 HDD however, and imported into LBP2 for access.


The Import option will allow you to load a previously saved level, and will open your Playstation's file management database. If you have saved a copy of someone else's level, it will appear here as well. The backup section explains how to backup a level that can be imported later.

Editing an Existing LevelEdit

If you've already got a level started, you will have a variety of actions to choose from. Clicking the Template:Icon button on your existing level will bring up several new options across several pages. To access a different page of options, navigate to the right or left with the left analog stick or directional pad. There are several shortcuts as well. Both the Template:Icon and Template:Icon buttons will allow you to access the Edit menu. The Template:Icon button will allow you to delete the selected level (see below.) If you are zoomed in to a specific group of levels, the Template:Icon button will allow you to leave that group and navigate the rest of the moon.


The first page of options will allow you to Edit or Play your existing level. Selecting Edit will allow you to enter the level in Create mode. Selecting Play will allow you to play the level normally by yourself or with others. Utilizing multi-player can allow you to collaborate with others in Create mode or test your level with more than one person. The latter option is extremely useful for testing multi-player compatibility on your levels before actually publishing.

Publish OptionsEdit

The Publish page is used for a wide variety of helpful actions, outlined below:

  • Publish - Take your level and publish it on the LittleBigPlanet servers for others to play and enjoy. Once you've selected to Publish your level, you can choose a location on your Earth that will represent the approximate location of the level when other users are browsing the system. You can move around your Earth with the left analog stick or the directional pad, and press Template:Icon button to upload your level. When your level is published a Level Key is created and placed in your Popit inventory.
  • Move - Take your level from it's existing slot and move it to another slot. Select which level you'd like to move using the Template:Icon button and then select a new slot with the left analog stick or directional pad. Once you've chosen a new slot for your level, press the Template:Icon button again to place it.
  • Copy - Make a copy of your level. Select which level you'd like to copy using the Template:Icon button and then select a new slot with the left analog stick or directional pad. Once you've chosen a new slot for your copied level, press the Template:Icon button again to place it.
  • Delete - Delete your level completely from your moon. If you choose to delete your level, a dialog box will open asking to confirm your action. It is highly recommended that you use this action with caution! If you do not wish to delete your level, you can select "Don't delete" from the options.
  • Back up - Save a copy of your level to your Playstation 3's hard drive or USB-compatible media. Selecting this option will allow you to save a new copy of your level or overwrite an existing file.

In addition to the actions above, you can define the following properties for your level prior to publishing it. Use the right analog stick to edit either option.

  • Locked/Unlocked
    • Unlocked (default) - This level is unlocked: once published, all players may play it. An unlocked level will be represented by an 16px.
    • Locked - This level is locked: once published, players have find a Level Key to play it. A locked level will be represented by a 16px.
  • Copyable/Uncopyable
    • Uncopyable (default) - Once published, only you will be able to edit this level. An uncopyable level will be represented by an 16px.
    • Copyable - Once published, anyone can copy this level to their moon, edit it and republish as their own. A copyable level will be represented by a 16px.


The edit details page will allow you to customize the name, description and icon for your level. This information is visible to the player when clicking on your level icon when playing online.

  • Edit Name - The name of your level should be descriptive and creative, and is limited to X characters (need research.)
  • Set Description - The description of your level gives your player an idea of what your level is about. You can list pretty much anything here, from what type of level it is, a brief introduction to your level's story, or anything else you feel pertinent. Another popular use of the description field is to credit those players who may have helped you in creating, or to specify if your level is multiplayer compatible or not. The description field is limited to X characters. (need research)
  • Set Icon - The icon is a visual representation of your level and is what appears on the cloth badge seen by players browsing online levels in LittleBigPlanet. (Include link to icon tips and tricks, or include here?) The level icon can be any existing sticker or a custom picture taken by the player in-game or using the Playstation Eye.


To back up a level, press Template:Icon over a level and select the Back Up option from the menu. You can then choose the location of your backup - either your PS3's hard drive or a removable storage device.


In LittleBigPlanet 2, players have the ability to customize their moon. They can choose any collected materials for the moon's surface and craters, additonally they can further decorate and personalise their moon by placing stickers and decorations on it too.


  • The craters are actually the entire body of the moon, the "land" is actually a skin wrapped around it. Making the craters transparent with glass allows you to see clear through to the other side of the moon.

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