Create Mode is a special build mode accessible by level patches on the Create Moon where you can construct your own level, mini game or just about anything else using all objects, materials, stickers and decorations you can collect in the game or buy in the PlayStation store. In this mode, all Popit functions are available, and some additional things are added to help you in level creation.


The Thermometer is only visible in Create Mode. It tells you how many resources your level is using. When the Thermometer overheats you cannot add anything else, so use your space wisely!

To prevent screen burn-in, you can turn off the "HUD", which includes the thermometer, from the Start menu, under Settings, in Display.

D-pad ControlsEdit

In Create Mode, the D-pad buttons do not control your sackperson's emotions. Instead, they each have a special function to do with creating.

  • Press Dpad left button to undo your last action. You can undo as many times as you like. After each undo you will return to paused state. An "action" is any of the following:
    • Pausing or unpausing.
    • Placing, moving, gluing or deleting an object.
    • Tweaking an object.
    • Adjusting Global Controls.
    • Closing the Popit.
  • Press Dpad right button to redo your last action. You can redo all your undone actions, but you can't redo without undoing first. Be carefull that if you redo and then do an action, all previously redone actions will be lost.
  • Press Dpad up button to toggle between pausing and unpausing the level. While in pause mode, objects won't move, switches won't trigger and emitters won't emit. Note The 160 hour glitch can permanently stop the operation of pistons if you spend too much time unpaused in Create Mode. It is recommended that you create most of your level in pause mode and use Change to Play Mode to test.
  • Press Dpad down button to toggle hover mode on and off. When hovering, you can fly around in the layer just in front of your level. You can only land when a layer behind you is clear. Hold the X button button to boost while hovering, and use the right stick to zoom and pan the camera. Any objects placed in the foreground with the 50-layer glitch will obstruct your sackperson, so use this glitch with care.
  • Note: You can't show emotions in create mode. However you CAN use them in Play mode like always.


In Create Mode, your Popit has several extra options that are not available in the normal play modes.

  • Goodies Bag: Contains collectibles from Story Mode (including materials) or from online levels, and objects that you have saved.
  • Personal (Personal) : Is where all your hearted objects, costumes and decorations are shown for quick and easy access.
  • Popit Cursor: Used to move, edit and delete objects in your level.
  • Tools Bag: Contains tools and gizmos to help acclimate and add technical flair to your level.
  • Tutorials: Provides access to the game's tutorials.

Popit Cursor ControlsEdit

Main article: Popit Cursor
  • Hide/undhide Object: Hold the Popit Cursor on the object or item you want to hide and press L2 button, pressing L1 button will unhide all hidden items.
  • Selection: Press X button on an object to select it, de-select by pressing C button.
  • Multi-Selection: hold down R2 button and press X button on the desired objects to multi-select objects.
  • Drag Selection: Press and hold X button with the Popit Cursor selected to drag a selection box over the desired objects with L stick.

This can also be used in combination while holding down R2 button to drag-select additional objects.

  • Moving and Rotating: By moving L stick around when you've selected an object allows you to move it around through your level. Pressing R stick down will flip the object vertically.

Pressing left/right on R stick allows you to rotate the object, pressing up and down on R stick will scale the object larger and smaller.

  • Copying and pasting: When you've selected an object you can press L stick down to copy it, by pressing X button you can paste the object.
  • Tweak menu: By selecting certain objects or logic pieces (or hovering the Popit Cursor over it) you can tweak the settings of said object/logic to your likings by pressing SquareButton.

Start Menu ToolsEdit

Press Start Button to open the Start Menu, which, in Create Mode, has extra options to help you create.

Edit DetailsEdit

This is where you can set a name, description, an image icon for your level. You can also select whether the level will be locked, copyable or a sub-level. Be sure to add an icon and name soon else you will find trouble finding your levels on the moon.


  • Game View is the normal, perspective view in which levels are played. It allows you to see all three layers of your level.
  • Front View takes out all the perspective of your level, in other words, the view becomes two-dimensional. It is useful for positioning objects precisely in front of or behind one another.
  • Preview will display the level exactly as it will appear to the player when playing it. Anything set to be invisible in Play Mode will disappear.

Grid SnapEdit

You have a choice of setting the Grid Snap to None, Small, Medium and Big. When set to anything except None, a grid will appear onscreen whenever you select anything from the Popit menu or with the Popit Cursor. Scaling, rotating and moving objects will snap to the grid. Grids help keep shapes even and looking good they are great for making stair cases! Using grids is useful when placing pistons or other connectors, as they will be easy orient horizontally or vertically.

Note that when moving objects with Grid Mode, it's always the leading edge that snaps to the grid.

Angle SnapEdit

Allows you to set the Angle Snap from Off to 90° in 5° increments. When rotating something with the right stick, the object will automatically snap to the closest increment angle established by this setting.

Change to Play ModeEdit

Select Change to Play Mode and try out your level exactly as it will appear to other players. If you have made changes since your last Save, the game will prompt you to save them before switching modes. If you make changes and don't save when switching to Play Mode, the game will load the last saved version of your level.


Saves your level to the memory.

Note: To permanently save your level to disk, you must exit Create Mode, either by switching to Play Mode or by returning to the Pod. Saving a level within Create Mode only saves a temporary copy of your changes to the RAM, which may be lost if your PS3 shuts down unexpectedly.

Save AsEdit

Choose a different slot on your Create Moon to save the level.

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