Clive Handforth

Clive Handforth is the third Creator Curator of  The Factory Of A Better Tomorrow in LittleBigPlanet 2. He is overthrown by The Negativitron and sits depressed in a can... until you show up of course.


Poor Clive no longer has a factory, and is shown crying in a tin can. You and Larry Da Vinci arrive to rescue the Sackbots, when Clive informs them that they are being enslaved by the Negativitron. Sackboy (Sackgirl, or Sackpeople) volunteers to save the Sackbots, as Clive is too afraid to do anything himself.
During the escape from Clive's brainwashed guard turkey Copernicus, Clive, in a show of bravery, flips a switch and destroys it. With the factory reclaimed, Clive is somewhat happy and joins the Alliance against the Negativitron. After Huge Spaceship is shot down over Avalonia, Clive accompanies the player to Eve's Asylum, looking to gain the assistance of Dr. Herbert Higginbotham. After the player saves the Asylum and cures Dr. Higginbotham of his Meanie infection, Clive returns with the player, Eve, and the doctor to Avalonia.


Clive initially displays a generally gloomy, cowardly, pessimistic demeanor. However, as the story continues, his attitude gradually brightens, showing gratitude for the player's (and to a lesser extent, Da Vinci's) actions, and developing feelings for Eve. The final line of dialogue in story mode is his laughter.


Clive seems to be a calender, or notebook, of some kind. His face is a drawing on the paper. Clive always appears to be unhappy, and very rarely smiles. Although, In serious cases (such as fighting the Negativitron) He can be shown in a mad look. You can change his expression when you wear his costume, obtained on "Fowl Play."


  • He has a Lancastrian accent.
  • He is almost always gloomy.
  • Clive, like Da Vinci, went through a character model change later on in the games development. Clive used to be basically grey all over. You can see Clive's early design in a behind the scenes or trailer for LittleBigPlanet 2.
  • His costume can be earned by acing the last stage of The Factory Of A Better Tomorrow. (Fowl Play)
  • It is almost impossible not to get his costume while playing solo, as the level uses a 1 life checkpoint, if the player dies once, the level will restart.
  • Clive has a texture for yet another early design. It's the texture for the model used in our avatar.

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