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Carnivalia is the planet on which the events of LittleBigPlanet Vita occur. It and its people, the Carnivalians, once brought amusement to the many worlds wandering the wonderplane. The good times did not endure, sadly, and Carnivalia has degenerated into a nightmarish realm ruled by The Puppeteer and infested with his Hollow minions. As few remain to oppose these fiends, it falls to Sackboy to lead the charge and reclaim the land for its original inhabitants!


The Puppeteer was Carnivalia's greatest entertainer during its golden age. Even as his shows brought joy to audiences across the omniverse, however, his enthusiasm for the production waned. Frustrated by a lack of personal recognition, the quality of his shows declined until a performance finally attracted boos from the crowd. In a rage, The Puppeteer discarded his marionettes and vanished.

Five Creator Curators rose to prominence in The Puppeteer's absence: Colonel Flounder of La Marionetta, Marianne Noisette of The Land Of Odd, Sean Brawn of Jackpot City, The Unbelievable Otis of Coaster Valley, and Mrs. Sunshine of Spooky Mansion. Although not certain of their origins, these colourful characters were able to put Carnivalia's abandoned spaces to good use and construct all sorts of interesting doodads!

This new era came to an abrupt end when The Puppeteer unexpectedly returned. Changed and more furious than ever, he and his Hollows terrorised the Carnivalians and abducted visiting sackpeople. As The Puppeteer's corruption spread, Carnivalia began to syphon happiness from the surrounding realms of LittleBigPlanet. It was no longer a threat only to its own residents but to the entire omniverse!

Eventually Sackboy arrives in Carnivalia and, through the instruction of Colonel Flounder, pursues the Hollows to their source. It emerges that the Hollows, which are created by draining others' happiness, had turned against the original Puppeteer and constructed a giant mechanical copy of him with which to further syphon joy from the world and generate more of themselves.

Once rescued by Sackboy, the true Puppeteer recognises the five Creator Curators as his lost puppets. Though their reunion is interrupted by the advancing horde of Hollows, the antics of Sean Brawn and The Unbelievable Otis prompt The Puppeteer to laugh. His long-absent mirth affects Carnivalia itself, reverting Hollows to the abducted sackpeople used to make them and returning light to the darkened amusements. With the planet and its greatest performer thereby restored, the Carnivalians resume their mission to bring happiness to the infinite dreamscape!

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