An Appetite For Metal

An Appetite For Metal is a level from Coaster Valley.

About This LevelsEdit

Someone has accidentally woken up a mean old junkyard dog; and it seems to have a rather fierce appetite! Probably best to hotfoot it out of this place right away; there's surely an easier way to find some scarp metal.



At the start of the level, start running right immediately. Jump right over objects in your path. Move the touch platform up out of your way when you come across it and keep going right. Jump over the dangerous speedbumps, more blocks, bounce pads, and don't stop.

When you see some elevated platforms in sight, make sure to either jump onto a box, then to them, or underneath to not get hit by the dangerous stuff in your path. Continue right onto some more blocks, and move the touch platform right, to reveal a bounce pad in case you want to use it. Otherwise, continue just heading right, jump over the speed bump, and continuing right on.

Use the next bounce pad to bounce over dangerous objects and up onto some stacked blocks. Push the touch block down to get past it and down. Use the next bounce pads again, then jump over a speed bump. Next you can use another bounce pad that is attached to a touch block or just jump over speed bumps. Either way, once you reach a spinning wheel, grab onto it so it will fling you up onto the tall block.

Continue heading right. Touch the blue touch block up so you can continue heading away from the monster. Jump over the speed bump, up some blocks, then slide down a oily path. Sackboy gets a ride down a long, curvey pipe.

Once out, get the grabinator to help you out in this section. Run, jump over speed bumps, and just don't stop. After a series of speed bumps, jump up on the yellow blocks and continue running. Either fling up with the blue spinning wheel or just jump on the below left block to make it past more blocks.

Use the bounce pad, slide down a small slide, then use another bounce pad. Jump up some blocks, then carefully run past spinning platforms. Jump up and over dangerous things, down another slick slide, then bounce pad up over an object, or run under it.

Jump over more speed bumps, run under things, and be careful. Reach another spinning platform, run by it carefully, and soon you'll come across another oil-slicked area. Sackboy will slide through then keep going right and grap onto a sphere that dropped from the ceiling.

Once that's done, drop down to reach the end of the level.

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